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a Dragon from The Dragon horde and the Thummallums

The Dragon Horde and the Thummallums


An interactive children's book App.



The Dragon Horde and the Thummallums


If every hundred years or so, a horde of fire breathing dragons came and burned your village to the ground, what would you do!?  Well, you would probably move! I know I would!


This is the story of some villagers who forgot all about the dragons, and didn’t move! It is about what happened when the dragons came back and how help arrives in a most unexpected form!


An exciting interactive adventure with more than 250 touch points over 28 pages of beautiful illustrations that hark back to a golden age of children’s book illustration.


Read along with the narration or read alone as you discover the surprising and delightful animations.


The Dragon Horde and the Thummallums is a complete story and has no in-App purchasing, or external links.


Suitable for ages 3 and above.



The Dragon Horde and the Thummallums, Dragons!


The Dragon Horde and the Thummallums,  an exciteing interactive children's picture book app by Vivian Gavrey

Have a look at some of the artwork for The Dragon Horde and the Thummallums.


As well as some Artwork form the book there are also sketches, preparatory drawings and unused artwork.

Announcing the release of our first interactive digital picture book app "The Dragon Horde and the Thummallums'!

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