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About Vivian Gavrey, childrens book author an illustrator


“I draw pictures

 I tell stories

 I draw pictures that tell stories

 I tell stories that draw pictures

 I do other stuff too,

 but mostly I draw pictures”

Vivian Garvey grew up on a small group of rain soaked islands off the coast of Europe.


Vivian was sent off to boarding school at an absurdly young age, where sadly they did not offer Wizarding classes. Vivian was left to conjure worlds from his own imagination, finding the views from the classroom windows almost always more interesting than the black board.


Fortunately for Vivian there was an Art teacher who spotted in him some nascent drawing ability and thought it worth encouraging. Vivian emerged from school equipped with a passion for drawing and a fertile imagination, both sufficient for an Art College to think worth encouraging.


Vivian has spent the intervening years making art of one kind or another, working as a landscape painter, a portrait painter, an equestrian painter and an illustrator, contributing pictures to countless books, magazines and advertisements.


A series of life changing events spurred Vivian to finally bring his own stories into the World.


He hopes you enjoy them.




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